Welcome to eduSAFE

What is eduSAFE?

eduSAFE is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service developed for the academic community. Main purpose it to provide Internet safety across its users.

Why use eduSAFE?

Surfing the Internet can be unsafe. You never know who might be watching you, when you are connected to public hotspots in cafeterias, campuses, airports, etc. eduSAFE can provide you a safe passage to public Internet, getting rid of these worries for you.

Normally, if you wanted to access Internet safely, you would have to set up your own VPN, which for a lot users is a painful process. Using eduSAFE, you don't have to setup anything from your side except for your VPN client. The rest is up to us!

When using eduSAFE, you'll realize that establishing a secure connection is some clicks away. No need to build your VPN configuration manually or perform complicated tasks on your PC.

Welcome to EduSAFE
Mon Jun 13 12:04:12 CEST 2016